Episode 165

New Year, New Me


January 15th, 2018

1 hr 32 secs

Season 4

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The Punisher 220
We got a little swamped last week and weren't able to get an episode out. But worry not! We're back for another week of news and reviews from the fine folks at the Escapist Comics Podcast!

Matt Southworth will be in the store Sunday, January 21 at 3pm for a signing and a special edition of the Escapist Comics Book Club! Follow @TheEscapistClub on Twitter or find us on Facebook for more details.

Marvel: Phoenix Resurrection #2 & #3 02:31
Marvel: Punisher #220 12:27
DC: Mister Miracle #6 17:37
The New Age of DC Heroes 19:42
Image: Sleepless #2 22:46
Titan: Atlas & Axis 27:37
Image: Port of Earth #3 31:03
Dynamite: Dejah Thoris 31:39
Marvel: Judas 33:17

Fox/Marvel movies on hold 34:28
We're Ready for Black Panther 39:37
Krypton on SyFy 40:21
Snowpiercer on TNT 42:26
Bloodshot movie in the works 44:06
Runaways is a runaway hit! 46:56
What's going on with X-Men TV shows? 47:36
Sabrina will be coming to Netflix 48:48
End of the F*cking World on Netflix 49:46
First stills from Venom 52:16
Black Widow getting a movie 55:28
Benjamin Marra returns to Adult Swim 56:49
Jesse's shows 57:24
Eliot Rahal interview coming soon 58:18
Matt Southworth in-store Jan 21, 3pm 58:38
Liam Sharp signing Feb. 24, 3pm 59:10

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