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Weekly comics news and reviews! Hosted by Jessica and Jesse, produced in association with The Escapist Comic Bookstore 3090 Claremont Ave. Berkeley, CA.

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Episodes and Blog Entries

  • Week of 10-12-2016

    Episode  |  October 18th, 2016  |  Season 3  |  52 mins 27 secs

    This week we take a look at #1s from Reborn & Clone Conspiracy, #2s from Doom Patrol and Britannia, Black Monday Murders #3, Darth Vader #25 and NEWS from Star Wars Rogue One, Justice League, Miley Cyrus’s opinions of Supergirl and Incognito’s journey to the big screen!

  • Week of 10-05-2016

    Episode  |  October 10th, 2016  |  Season 3  |  51 mins 30 secs

    This week Jesse and Jessica take a peek at Death of X, Shade The Changing Girl, Cage, Cannibal, Black, Champions and possibly more!

  • INTERVIEW! Jason Novak & Adam Bessie

    Episode  |  October 3rd, 2016  |  Season 3  |  29 mins 53 secs

    This week we take a break from new comics and feature an in-store interview with cartoonists Jason Novak and Adam Bessie during their live cartooning event at The Escapist Comic Bookstore!

  • Week of Sept. 21, 2016

    Episode  |  September 21st, 2016  |  Season 3  |  52 mins 24 secs

    No notes!

  • Week of Sept. 14, 2016

    Episode  |  September 14th, 2016  |  Season 3  |  47 mins 42 secs

    This week Jessica and Jesse take on the task of tearing down Doom Patrol #1, The Forevers #1 from Black Mask, Lady Killer 2 #2, Scarlet Witch #10, Suicide Squad #2, Wonder Woman #6 and Animosity #2!

  • ...We've Stopped Counting At This Point

    Episode  |  August 29th, 2016  |  Season 3  |  54 mins 34 secs

    This week Jessica and Jesse record another in-store episode!

  • And Five Eighths

    Episode  |  August 19th, 2016  |  Season 3  |  1 hr 7 mins

    This week Jesse and Jessica run over a heap of new stuff including recapping Greg Rucka & Nicola Scott’s visit to the Bay Area then head into reviews of the new Suicide Squad, Supergirl and Batman (SPOILERS!). Then they move on to The Wicked & The Devine, Black Hammer, Demonic, Briggs Land and The Hunt! Then they look at what’s going on in TV and movies.

  • So It's Come To This...

    Episode  |  August 7th, 2016  |  Season 3  |  45 mins 59 secs

    We're saving our big 100 for a big interview so we're calling this one 99.5! Jesse and Jessica hit a stack of comics including Kill or Be Killed, the hot new title from Ed Brubaker, Sean Phillips and Elizabeth Breitweiser, Suicide Squad Rebirth, Animosity and Lady Killer along with some titles from DC's new imprint Young Animals. Plus movie news and their predictions for Suicide Squad!

  • Lemme See If I Have It...

    Episode  |  July 24th, 2016  |  Season 3  |  40 mins 7 secs

    This week the dynamic duo take on Dark Horse’s Black Hammer #1, Image’s Snotgirl #1, Betty & Veronica #1 and Batgirl & The Birds of Prey! PLUS they get heapin’ helpin’ of HOT news streaming in from SDCC!

  • Saw 32: Revenge of the Tricycle

    Episode  |  July 15th, 2016  |  Season 3  |  56 mins 29 secs

    Things keep chuggin’ along with another new episode! This week Jess and Jesse take on the latest in Civil War, Nightwing Rebirth, Gene Yang’s New Superman, Wonder Woman, The Revisionist and over one metric ton of piping hot news!

  • Look! Another New Episode!

    Episode  |  July 12th, 2016  |  Season 3  |  40 mins 40 secs

    Jesse and Jessica are back but I can't remember what they said. It's like my memory has been... ERASED! Good thing we have this week's podcast ready to refresh my memory. Come listen with me, won't you?

  • Return of the New Episode

    Episode  |  July 12th, 2016  |  Season 3  |  54 mins 27 secs

    Jessica & Jesse talked about stuff but I wasn't there! So I guess you and I will have to listen to this podcast together to find out!